Stacey Delaney

Managing Director (Agency & Advertiser Business), Sparcmedia

Stacey is the Managing Director for the Sparcmedia agency and advertiser business in New Zealand and Australia.

Since joining Sparc Media in September 2014, she has helped to transform the agency and direct advertiser business from a trading desk to a partnership and insights led programmatic agency.

Stacey’s core expertise include business and commercial strategy, client service and building effective team structures.

She has worked across adtech, media and events in the Australian, New Zealand and UK markets.

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About Sparc Media

Sparc Media is an insight driven advertising company. Partnering with clients, our team of experts translate data into insights to deliver strategic programmatic advertising that solves business objectives.

Sparc Media, a Pureprofile (ASX: PPL) company, has been offering programmatic services since 2009 and is headquartered in Australia with offices in Sydney, Mumbai and Krakow. Sparc Media offers solutions to brands and agencies.