Sangeeta Leach

Owner, The Leach Partnership

William & Sangeeta Leach are co-founders and Directors of The Leach Partnership, a business consultancy focussed on building value into creative organisations. For the past 12 years they have advised agencies from start-ups to multinationals on all aspects of business planning, helping their clients build their revenues, their bottom lines and their organisations in a sustainable and long-term way, delivering value to their shareholders, clients and people.

Sangeeta Leach has a background in management consulting and strategic planning and has worked in India, Africa and Europe as well as Australia, where she was Planning Director of George Paterson Bates until 2001. Sangeeta has experienced agencies going through phenomenal growth and contributed as part of a management team, a Director and an owner, gaining invaluable experience, which she puts to great use helping agencies today, both here in Australia and internationally.

The Leach Partnership has worked with over 80 creative organisations in Australia, New Zealand, Europe and the US.