Kim McKay

Founder and director, Klick Communications

Boasting close to 20 years experience in the media and marketing industry, Kim has directed award-winning national and international campaigns that have not only garnered vast amounts of attention but have also translated into considerable increases in sales.

Kim’s experience spans the hotel, tourism, music, entertainment and radio industries. Prior to founding Klick Communications, Kim launched hotel brands into the Australian and European markets, receiving ‘Best Marketing Campaign’ Awards for these efforts.

In 2008 Kim launched Klick in the knowledge that digital was changing the way brands communicate and has been consulting on Digital PR and Social Media strategies for a broad range of businesses, helping them develop platforms for future growth and brand evolvement.

Kim’s ethos is to Harness the Unexpected. The team at Klick are constantly innovating, and Klick’s ever-growing roster of partners shows that more people are looking for what Klick has to offer: a deeper insight into what makes people stand up and pay attention, and a dedicated to making things that are awesome.

Combining her knowledge of the PR industry and communications processes, Kim went on to launch Klick Communications as a full service collective specialising in the online space and working with a diverse range of local and international clients.

Over the past 8 years, Klick Communications has grown as an international agency (headquartered in Sydney and offices in Los Angeles and Honolulu) representing over 50 brands across Australia and the USA.