Justin Hind

CEO & co-founder, WiTH Collective

They say, that we’re not just made up of one characteristic but many in order to survive. In Justin’s case, his are being passionate, highly digital centric and a creative marketer. It’s just as well, as he uses all three to focus on getting the most from the WiTH team, our clients and leaving the ordinary behind when it comes to opportunities for brands in digital.

Who’d a thought an economist would dive into advertising? It certainly explains his love of numbers and no doubt it’s why he has an unwavering belief in combining technology, data insights and creative ideas for the ultimate in consumer engagement to make sure brands innovate to survive.

And with a curious mind (which BTW has no off button), he loves to build online businesses and digital service offerings for blue chip companies eager to get more out of the digital space.

For Justin, it’s all about innovating to stay ahead, cutting through the clutter and being honest with clients about what they should do with their investment to get a ROI that blows their socks off.

Just like a born economist, you can take the man out of the numbers, but you can’t take the numbers out of the man.