7:00am - 8:00am

​Sparcmedia Sponsored Breakfast: How to Add New Revenue Streams to Your Business by Incorporating Programmatic Capabilities

  • The future of digital advertising – Programmatic Advertising.
  • How adding programmatic can benefit your agency business.
  • What your programmatic offering should look like.
  • Adding programmatic in-house vs a partnership model.

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KEYNOTE: How to avoid the Madison Avenue manslaughter – the opportunity facing independent agencies

Michael Farmer, a respected business strategist with 25 years of experience, will present on how the advertising agency business model has evolved from the dizzying heights of the original Mad Men days to the long, steady slide to today.

The author of the book Madison Avenue Manslaughter he will offer key insights into how independent agencies can take advantage of the competitive landscape restoring their financial health and delivering improved results to their clients.

Keynote Speaker:


KEYNOTE: Same, same but different. How to stand out and thrive

Standing out from the pack is one of the biggest challenges for agencies regardless of size or which silo the come from. Chris Savage former COO of STW Group will present on what separates a great agency from the rest of the pack and what steps agency bosses, particularly in the independent space, need to take to stand out in the eyes of marketers and the wider industry.



Morning tea


Agency Evolution the Key to Unlocking Agency Growth

In this talk Sangeeta and William Leach will discuss the major stages in agency lifecycle, from start-up to maturity. What are the key strategies – and key hires – to be made at different points along the road to ensure seamlessly progressing from one stage to the next. What are the pitfalls and opportunities at each stage and how does an agency minimise the impact of the former whilst maximising the latter.

The session will be practical and actionable, drawing on The Leach Partnerships experience in working with independent and multi-national agencies as well as drawing on experience gained working with other creative organisations such as architects.



Making the money side work – the biggest financial mistakes that agencies make and how to avoid them

One of the biggest challenges many independent agencies face is around managing cashflow and ensuring their businesses don’t have to go from famine to feast throughout the year. Hear from an expert on how best to run your agency finances – what are the biggest mistakes owners make and how can you avoid them?



Panel: The art of new business – the dos and don’ts of new business

In an industry obsessed with new business what are the secrets of getting on the right pitch lists? Should your agency even be pitching and if so what’s the best way of connecting with the client. Hear from three experts about what agencies should and shouldn’t be doing when it comes to the pitching process.





Panel: Solving the talent problem – can we find talent in new ways

The challenge of finding good talent can be a perennial challenge. Are we looking in the wrong places and what are the ideas for new pools of talent? When it comes to investing in training and advancement what do agencies need to be doing? The panel will talk about new ways of finding and retaining talent in a market where there is often a shortage of good people.



Panel: Growing your agency – the challenges of expanding into new markets

In the modern agency environment marketers often need agencies who can service clients in multiple markets. How does an independent agency expand in Australia or overseas? What are the challenges and landmines to be aware of? Can partnerships and strategic alliances an easy way to do this?



Afternoon tea


Panel: The Confessions of a CMO – what agencies need to learn about their clients

Returning by popular demand in 2016. Three senior marketers talk honestly about their time leading major brands and what they wish agencies would do differently. How do smaller agencies get on the radar of a bigger client? What are the simple secrets to a better agency-client relationship?



Panel: What I wish I knew before I started my agency

Four leading independent agency bosses discuss the challenges of running an independent agency from the prism of what they didn’t know before they started. In a disrupted media world what have they learnt and where do they see the opportunities for independents?



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