A masterclass for successful independent agencies

The 2016 Secrets of Agency Excellence (SAGE) masterclass hosted some of Australia’s best-known agency leaders, who shared the secrets across a range of topics including: the opportunities for independents, secrets of new business, defining your unique position, the financial mistakes that agencies make and how to expand into new markets. 
The one-day masterclass, held in Sydney on October 12, featured: high-profile agency bosses with a proven track record of building thriving agency businesses; leading marketing consultants; and agency executives that are the best in their field, including chief financial officers, creatives and strategists. 
SAGE is focused on providing independent agencies with the tools to grow successful agency businesses, and talks to agencies and agency owners working across the broad marketing services spectrum, including creative, media, PR, digital, design and production companies. 



Chris Savage

Business Growth Specialist, The Savage Company

Chris Savage is one of Asia Pacific’s pre-eminent public relations, marketing and communications industry leaders. But that’s not his passion. What drives Chris and is shaping his career today is helping leaders and businesses accelerate growth

Michael Farmer

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Farmer & Company

Michael Farmer is Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Farmer & Company LLC., a strategy consulting firm for advertisers and their advertising agencies. He is Adjunct Assistant Professor of Branding and Integrated Communications at The City College of New York.

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SAGE has lit a match in me. Don't know how it happened but I feel more creative and more affective.

Matt Jackson @afffectorsmatt

Great content, value for money and well-balanced agenda.

Kylie Green, ApolloNation MD

Provided practical, actionable advice on how we can plan for success.

Caroline Doran, Paykel Media GM

SAGE reminds you others are facing the same challenges and that magic solution you are seeking might still be a work in progress. Makes a nice change, in a service based industry, to be inward looking just for a while.

Vern Taber, 5ivesenses account directoran, Paykel Media GM